Types of plot 

For a send-off that’s as individual as you are, you need the flexibility of picking the right kind of funeral plan. We compare the prices of a range of different plans from providers that are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. 
There are a variety of different plots that can be purchased in advance depending on the size required and also whether it’s a burial or a cremation. 
If you’ve never had to plan or organise a funeral before, you might not be familiar with the different types of plot which are available. 
Here’s a closer look at the different options. 

Single plots 

These are the type of plots you may be the most accustomed to seeing, and are the most common in any cemetery or graveyard. 
A single plot is sized to take just one casket and will only be suitable as the burial site for one person. 

Companion plots 

Some couples have an express wish to be buried together and this is when a companion plot would be purchased. 
A companion plot is larger and designed for two people to be buried together, ideal for a married couple. 
A companion plot can either consist of two caskets buried side by side, or alternatively, a single plot which is dug deeper where the two caskets are on top of each other. This is known as double depth. 
Double depth companion plots may often work out more economical than those where the burials take place side by side because only one outer burial container is typically required, rather than two. 

Family plots 

In some cases a family may purchase an area of land within a cemetery which is dedicated to burials for members of the family. 
The area is normally marked with a large headstone with the family name, and then each individual plot has a smaller headstone to mark their place. 
Family plots in some cases may be simpler and consist of a strip of single plots which have been purchased together as a package, ready for use when needed. 

Cremation plots 

Cremated remains can also be buried in cemeteries, sometimes alongside a buried casket. Because cremated remains take up much less room, it’s sometimes possible to have several urns buried together. 

Urn gardens 

Another alternative for cremated remains is to arrange for the burial within a dedicated urn garden. This may be an area within a cemetery which is dedicated to the burial of urns, and is usually landscaped to be particularly picturesque. 
Urn gardens can vary greatly in size and design, with some being no more than a small-sized plot while others are more elaborate, incorporating features such as benches, fountains, rocks or other parts of the landscape. 
Because urn garden plots are not as big as a standard burial plot, they are typically cheaper. You may however have to factor in the cost for an outer container for the urn which some cemetery specify as compulsory before burial. 

The cost of a plot 

There are several factors which can determine the price of a plot, and the cost can vary depending on geographical location too. 
The type of plot you buy, and the number of plots, inevitably has a bearing on the final price but the position within the cemetery can also influence the total cost. The more desirable locations usually cost more to purchase. 
Just like any other kind of purchase, the more you buy at the same time, the cheaper each one works out to be. However, before buying any plots don’t forget to add in all the other costs such as the price of headstones and any ongoing maintenance costs too. 
Image Credits: DFS Memorials and Dinah Ford 
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