Information on the NAFD Membership 
Information on the NAFD Membership 

National Association of Funeral Directors - NAFD 

When it’s time to organise a funeral, we expect funeral directors to be knowledgeable, compassionate and efficient, providing information about every aspect of the process. 
But most people will give little thought to how funeral directors receive their training, or how legislation in the UK protects them from rogue individuals; at a painful time, we simply count on receiving a sympathetic service we can trust. 
The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) provides that link between funeral directors and consumers, protecting and representing both sides to ensure a quality service is always provided. 
Here’s a closer look at the NAFD and what they do. 

About the National Association of Funeral Directors 

The NAFD has a long history, being first established back in 1905 and now representing more than 3700 funeral providers and associate firms. 
Totally independent, the NAFD does not rely on any other single body or organisation and welcomes applications from anyone involved in the industry. Both small family firms and large conglomerates can join the body, and currently members provide more than 470,000 funerals every year. 
The NAFD take an active role in representing the interests of the industry, liaising with the government and its agencies as well as consumer groups. The Association takes an active role in campaigning as well as corresponding with government on matters of legislation. 
Education and continuing professional development is also a concern for the NAFD and it offers a range of programmes designed to continue to expand the knowledge of those working in the industry, many of which are recognised by the National Open College Network and Birmingham City University. 
National Association of Funeral Directors - NAFD
But it’s not just the funeral profession that the NAFD represents; it also is a champion for the consumer. 
The well-known lion logo of the NAFD is a kite mark for excellence, guaranteeing the bereaved that they will receive the best possible service and quality. All of the members are required to adhere to a Code of Practice, Code of Professional Standards and to agree to an independent arbitration service where required. 
The Code of Practice 
The NAFD has a Code of Practice which all of its members, large and small, are expected to adhere to at all times. Ongoing monitoring is carried out to ensure compliance with the Code. 
The Code is split up into a number of sections which are as follows: 
Marketing and Advertising 
Dealings with Clients 
Information to Be Made Available 
Estimates and Confirmations 
Final Accounts 
Professional Conduct 
The Code carries detailed instructions about what’s required of funeral directors and their employees, but impresses the need to be dignified and compassionate, not using high pressure sales techniques on the bereaved and to ensure that a full range of their products and prices are made available, including to take away. 
This Code means that any member of the public can choose a funeral director registered with the NAFD and be certain that they will be dealt with in a sympathetic and professional manner and that they won’t be subjected to unethical practices. 

Finding a member 

Members of the NAFD are all required to display the logo so you know that you’re covered by the quality assurances of the body. 
However, if you aren’t sure whether the funeral director you have chosen is a member of the NAFD or you want to search to find one that is, you can use the free, online search facility on the NAFD website. 
This search facility provides access to the whole register and provides a number of different ways to allow you to find a provider in your area. 

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