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Is a coffin a compulsory cremation option? 

When looking at cremation options, you might feel that paying for a coffin for a cremation is a waste of money, but it is compulsory. Crematorium rules require that the coffin is of combustible material which is suitable for cremation. 
Although some cemeteries permit bodies to be buried wrapped in just a shroud, this isn’t possible for cremations. 

Does there need to be witnesses at a cremation? 

It’s not a necessary requirement but at cremations, it usual for a main service to be held at a chapel or other place of worship, before the cremation takes place. The funeral director will arrange with the crematorium for mourners to attend. 

What should be done with the remains, once cremated? 

There’s a range of cremation options here, depending on the final wishes of the deceased, or the wishes of the family. 
It is possible to inter the ashes into the ground, in a manner similar to a burial, but with a much smaller plot. This won’t be possible on the same day, so a separate date will need to be arranged. A short service is normal for when the ashes are buried, with prayers or a short reading, usually over-seen by either a funeral director or clergy.  
If you opt to have the ashes interred, you will be offered a plot within a part of the cemetery which is set aside particularly for cremations. Just like a regular burial, it is possible to purchase a family plot so ashes can be interred together. 
It’s not compulsory to bury the ashes at a cemetery or crematorium; some families choose to bury them elsewhere. UK law doesn’t have too many restrictions on where the ashes are buried, but if you plan on doing it on someone else’s property, you must get their permission first. 
An alternative to burying the ashes is scattering them and this is an extremely popular choice too. If you want to scatter them on someone else’s property, the same rules about gaining permission apply. 
You can bury or scatter the ashes in your own garden if you choose to. 
The crematorium holds the ashes ready for collection but they can be left with them for reverent disposal if the family prefers. This means that the crematorium will arrange for the ashes to be scattered in a respectful manner. 

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