Benefits of a funeral plan 

Looking at the benefits of a funeral plan 

Lighten the financial load 
Save money with a fixed price 
Ease the burden 
An act of love 
No-one likes to think about what it might be like when they're no longer here, but a funeral plan won't just save money, it will also help protect your loved ones at an extremely difficult time. 
There are lots of different funeral plans available which gives you a chance to have a real say in how you want to say goodbye, a final message from you to your family and friends. 
If you haven't considered funeral plans before, here's why they're such a good idea. 
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Lighten the financial load 

When it's time to arrange your funeral, your loved ones could be faced with difficult choices, balancing up affordability with the desire to send you off in style. 
A funeral plan avoids the need for difficult decisions, as everything will be paid for in advance for the type of funeral you have chosen. Your family won't have to agonize over whether they can afford to give you the funeral they want, and can instead focus on getting through what will inevitably be a painful time. 
Opting for a funeral plan is a final way of taking care of your loved ones, protecting them from financial hardship even though you may no longer be around. 

Save money with a fixed price funeral plan 

But the financial benefits don't stop just paying in advance; by opting for a funeral plan you could be saving a significant amount of money, without having to sacrifice on the way you say goodbye. 
According to YouGov, in the last decade the average cost of a funeral plan has increased from £1920 to £3456 (2004-2014). Based on the same pattern, this means by 2024 a funeral could cost as much as £6912. 
A funeral plan fixes the costs in advance so that you get everything that you've paid for, even if the cost has substantially risen. This protects your estate against hikes in prices, saving your family from having to fork out a small fortune. 

Ease the burden 

If you've ever had the responsibility of organising a funeral, you'll understand just how difficult it can be to be faced with making so many choices in such a short space of time. 
The death of someone close is a very difficult event to cope with and having to decide on important factors for their funeral can be unbearable. Funeral planning makes great sense, spread the cost and avoid writing an expensive cheque at the time of distress. 
For those who are grieving there's either the need to somehow summon up the strength to deal with all the decisions, or else get someone else to organize everything on their behalf. For many, the former feels impossible and the latter unacceptable, but with a funeral plan there's no need to face such an agonizing choice. 
With everything planned and paid for in advance, your loved ones are spared the pain and hardship of having to make such heartrending decisions and can instead spend the time saying their goodbyes. 

The final word 

In death, as in life, we are all individuals and the ability to say goodbye to family and friends as you want is a luxury that not everyone enjoys. 
With a funeral plans you can put all the arrangements in place, not just saving your family from heartache and pain, but also giving you the chance to have the final word. 
Say goodbye in style, and make your family and friends remember you in the way you want by opting for the funeral plan that suits you the best. 
Which Funeral Plans can help you to compare a range of providers, all of whom are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority, so why not request a free brochure or contact us today for more information. 
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