10 Things 
To Know 
Here are 10 things that you should consider before deciding to purchase a pre-paid plan. 
1. Not all pre-paid funeral plan providers are members of the Funeral Planning Authority. 
2. Not all independent funeral directors use all pre-paid funeral plan providers. 
3. Age UK and Help the Aged sell funeral plans from only one provider. 
4. Confused.com only compare plans sold by one provider. 
5. Can I pick the funeral directors of my choice? 
6. What happens if I move address? 
7. Is my money safe? 
8. What happens if the plan provider or funeral directors go out of business? 
9. How much interest is charged if I pay by installments? 

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"Most helpful" 
Well what a nice fellow I spoke to. Was most helpful and obviously used to people asking the same questions I asked as he knew the answers immediately. I thought him very considerate and gave me details of more than one company which helped me decide. Having put off the decision for a few years now I am happy to now have my funeral plan in place. Many thanks to 'Which Funeral' 
Mr Jenkins 
We Only Recommend Funeral Plan Providers Registered with the Funeral Planning Authority  
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