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Compare Prices of Major 
Funeral Plan Companies 
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 Compare Prices of Major Funeral Plan Companies and Save Money  

Get Funeral Planning Advice from a Trusted Source 

Do not choose your funeral plan before you read these 4 surprising tips. 

Looking for funeral plans does not need to be a stressful process. With the right approach and planning, you can save significant money, take the financial burden off your next of kin, and arrange for a funeral that suits your exact needs. 
Here is what you need to know: 
Not all funeral planning advice is equal. Our goal is simple and to provide money saving advice to get you the best priced funeral plan with a major Funeral Planning Authority company that will use one of your local funeral directors to administer the plan.  
You want funeral plans registered by the Funeral Planning Authority. There are only a small number of major companies registered with the Funeral Planning Authority so here at Which Funeral Plans we advise you to go with one of these funeral plan companies. 
Contrary to popular belief, it can actually cost more money if you try to buy a pre-paid funeral plan direct from a provider or funeral director. We have been able to negotiate exclusive discounts… discounts that are impossible to find anywhere else.  
Exclusive discounts mean we guarantee to provide the best priced funeral plans... from a major company registered with the Funeral Planning Authority. 
Want some more information? For example, there are new plans on the market that seem good value but please be aware they restrict the time and day of the ceremony so your next of kin will be told which day and at what time the ceremony will be held, typically early or late Monday to Thursday. We can give you advice on the correct plan to suit your requirements. 
For more information request a free brochure by entering your details on the right. At any stage if you have any questions or queries an experienced and friendly adviser is on hand to guide you through the process. This is a 100% free service. 

Choosing the right funeral plan provider for me? 

With so many prepaid funeral plan providers to chose from, how do we know which one is best for us? 
Surprisingly, all the major funeral plan providers supply very similar plans, so in this case price really can matter, however it's always best to check the hidden details first before taking out a funeral plan. 
At Which Funeral Plans, we are happy to show you the prices, the hidden details and also savings that you could make by comparing funeral plan providers. 
The average cost of a funeral now costs about £3700, with funeral directors fees rising well above inflation in recent years, according to a recent report by the Commons Work and Pensions Committee. 

 How Funeral Plans Work 

All of the major funeral planning companies have UK coverage of funeral directors. Some of the funeral plan companies own their funeral directors such as the Co-op and Dignity/Age UK. If you decide to take your funeral plan with one of these companies they will try to allocate you their most local funeral director, but it is worth checking with us where they will be as they do not have complete coverage of the UK and in some circumstances the funeral directors may be quite a distance away. 
Golden Charter will allocate you one of their Funeral Directors. Golden Leaves, one of the longest serving funeral plan providers, use a whole network of UK funeral directors so they will allocate you one of your local funeral directors. 
Very important is that some of the funeral directors can only sell one particular company's funeral plan, such as Dignity, Co-op and Golden Charter. Funeral directors however are often happy to accept funeral plans from other funeral planning companies although the Co-op will only accept their own plans. So in certain circumstances you can save a substantial amount on your funeral plan and still have the same local funeral director to administer your funeral plan. 
It is always worth checking with us at Which Funeral Plans if you would like a specific funeral director to administer your funeral plan as we could often save you money than if you went direct. If you do visit your local funeral director they will often sell you the funeral plan they are contracted to. We can contact them directly on your behalf to check which other funeral plans they may accept. 
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"Most helpful" 
Well what a nice fellow I spoke to. Was most helpful and obviously used to people asking the same questions I asked as he knew the answers immediately. I thought him very considerate and gave me details of more than one company which helped me decide. Having put off the decision for a few years now I am happy to now have my funeral plan in place. Many thanks to 'Which Funeral' 
Mr Jenkins 
Happy customers have been kind enough to give us a rating of 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot 
"A Hassle Free, Efficient, And Friendly Experience." 
From first finding Which Funeral Plans on the internet through to the completion was a hassle free, efficient and friendly experience. My calls were dealt with by a gentleman who was never 'pushy' and always had time to listen to and answer my questions. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to take out a funeral plan for peace of mind. 
Pat Harrison 
"A very easy company to deal with." 
Our options were fully explained in a very non pressurised way. We received what was expected and in a very timely way. Additional queries were answered thoroughly. We did a lot of research and found this to be our preferred choice due to service and cost. 
Mr & Mrs Shearing 
We only recommend Funeral Plan Providers registered with the Funeral Planning Authority  
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